I'm Krzysztof (he/they). I'm doing a master's degree in coin flips in Switzerland.

I like to stay informed about all sorts of things that matter — how people work and why they do things, ethics, computers, research, cooking, culture. This website is mainly meant to help me make sense of these, since I hope that by crystallizing my viewpoints in articles I can have some measure of confidence in my stances. All the better if anyone else finds value in my ramblings 🪴

Feel free to drop me any inquiries that come to your mind by email to contact at kcyb dot eu.


Things I have to say.

✨🎼 Tunes 🎵🎶 (music that led me through the flow)

2022-09-26 Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji
2022-09-16 Xeno & Oaklander - Multiple albums (Movements, Movements II)
2022-08-16 Drexciya - Multiple albums (Neptune's Lair, Grava 4, Harnessed the Storm)
2022-06-28 Muslimgauze - Citadel
2022-05-05 HÖR BERLIN - TTT X HÖR - Dasha Rush / May 16
2022-04-11 Quarantine FM #13 with Ellen Allien & Dr. Rubinstein
2022-03-07 Karma To Burn - Multiple albums (Almost Heathen, Appalachian Incantation, Cat Got Our Tongue, Wild Wonderful Purgatory)
2022-01-25 Ufomammut - Multiple albums (Eve, Oro: Opus Primum)
2022-01-22 Yuka - INCHMIX061
2022-01-16 HÖR BERLIN - Dr. Rubinstein / Jan 4 / 2022
2021-12-14 Quarantine FM #3 Dr. Rubinstein
2021-10-22 Quarantine FM #23 Dr. Rubinstein & Dasha Rush
2021-09-29 about blank berlin - Elements Podcast 021
2021-06-05 Dasha Rush - Dasha Rush live act at Berghain berlin 2010
2021-05-09 Electric Wizard - Multiple albums (Dopethrone, Come My Fanatics..., Witchcult Today)
2021-04-20 HÖR BERLIN - TTT X HÖR - Dr. Rubinstein
2021-03-18 HÖR BERLIN - Helena Hauff B2B L.F.T.
2020-10-10 Boozoo Bajou - Satta
2020-04-10 Yuka - K&H | Who's You #003